Selected Students' Feedback from Teaching Evaluations

  • His enthusiasm and assignments were the best part of this class. The assignments helped me better understand the material. He was also able to teach in an effective way.

  • Professor Xu is probably my favorite professor I have taken at UW- Whitewater. He really cares that his students understand the material and he really wants his students to succeed. Not only does he go over the information on the test really well, he also goes above and beyond and gives his students advice. He teaches finance not just because he wants all of us to get good grades but he really wants all of us to be happy with the job we pick. Finance is not an easy topic to understand and the professor can only do so much but he tries his hardest that every student succeeds. I would tell everyone who takes Finance to try and take Professor Xu because he actually cares and is a great teacher and mentor.

  • This class exceeded my expectations in every way. Weineng Xu is the most organized professor I have ever had and he goes out of his way to help any and all students with course content. He relates finance to all other business majors and talks about how it applies to current events.

  • This class was my favorite by far. You put so much effort into making everything understandable and making sure the course was the way the students wanted it to be. You cared so much about helping each and every one of us, and that's something I appreciate more than anything.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed having you as a professor. You were always well organized and taught things in a practical manner.

  • Out of all my classes, you are easily my best professor. I don't think I've ever met a professor as dedicated as you are. I thoroughly enjoyed this class.

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