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Selected Students' Feedback from Teaching Evaluations


I enjoy reading the comments from my students, good or bad. They help me to reflect, improve, and advance my education efforts. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing my students truly enjoy the classes and leave with a full load of knowledge and skills acquired from the course.

Selected Recent Comments

  • Weineng Xu is my favorite professor that I have had the pleasure of taking at UW. He is always available to students and is very clear when describing the material. I really enjoy the real-life examples he gives to the class. He really seems to care about the students and their future. I was very happy to see that he taught Corporate Finance as I have taken him in a previous course and had a great experience.

  • Professor Xu is a fantastic professor and would highly recommend him to anyone for this course. He was probably my favorite professor in the business school. Such a nice guy and a great teacher.

  • I really enjoyed this class with Dr. Xu. Even after the break when classes were online, Dr. Xu posted excellent videos on Canvas. All topics were well explained and understandable/accessible to non-finance majors. I liked that real-world examples were used. I learned a lot! Thank you!

  • Professor made himself available in any way he could to help students succeed. The study guides for the homework and examples on the slides showing how the numbers work in the calculator helped immensely.

  • The class was well organized. I liked all the real-world examples he used. Especially with the market fluctuations connected to COVID-19. It was really interesting to learn more about the stock market.

  • The instructor explained things really well, and I liked when there was a more important topic that he would tell us to pay close attention. Also, when he reviewed what we went over in the last class before starting the new stuff for the day was very helpful as well.

  • The professor is extremely knowledgeable of the course concepts and willing to help students. He also did a good job of providing online resources and continuing the class during the pandemic.

  • Dr. Xu did an excellent job teaching this course. Always readily available, and gave weekly updates outlining the current week's goals and assignments due.

  • The professor's ability to teach finance concepts at a high level along with offering insight into important details. Homework, case studies, and exams ask questions that will further student's knowledge of corporate-level finance that will translate into their future careers.





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